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Plumber Camden and Gloucester County
Plumber Camden and Gloucester County

Plumber Camden and Gloucester County

Common Home Furnace Repairs & Problems

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Furnace Repair in New Jersey

Let’s face it, even the most durable and well-built equipment eventually wears out or needs to be replaced. When you consider how much your furnace needs to operate throughout the day, and one a weekly, monthly and annual basis, it will eventually break down. Today’s modern units are built with multiple moving parts. And just like automobile, those parts take quite a beating. So as impressive as your furnace may be, sooner or later it will require your attention. Below is a short list of common furnace issues that occur over time. When these problems do exist, contact a Black Horse Pike Plumbing & Heating specialist to get your furnace back in tip top shape.


Although it’s well known that furnaces need proper maintenance and care, it’s also well documented that furnaces are often overlooked. Most homeowner just assume that their equipment is always performing well and doesn’t need to be taken care of. But this simply isn’t the case. Moving parts need lubrication, drains need to be cleaned, motors require inspection, and temperature changes mean that your system is constantly having to adjust from day to day or week to week in order to provide adequate cooling and heating. If you’re unsure how much your furnace needs a tune up then check with a New Jersey heating expert¬†who is trained to work on all types of furnaces.

Old Filters

Filters are designed to collect dust, dirty debris and keep it from entering into your furnace. This helps to maintain a clean system that will run much more smoothly without all the junk floating in around in the parts. Air filters also create a cleaner environment in every room so that you can breathe easy. If the filters aren’t changed then your furnace will feel the effects of the contaminated air. There are different types of filters that are designed for different types of furnaces. Check your manufacturer’s handbook to see which types of filter is best and how often it needs to be replaced. One thing to remember is that you should invest in the highest quality filters for your system. They can guarantee maximum protection.

Damaged Thermostat

Today’s furnace equipment comes available with more features and programmable options that help your furnace run more efficiently. But with technology also comes the potential for more problems. There are some telltale signs that your thermostat is not functioning properly. For instance, it may be dirty and requires a cleaning. It may also need to be re-calibrated. Sometimes the location of the thermostat is the problem. Your thermostat may have been placed in direct sunlight, placed too close to the heating source, or may not be in a central location. There could also be damaged parts or a computer chip broken.

Hardware Issues

With all the components in a furnace it’s not long before some of them will experience failure. Some of the most well-known include everything that ranges from the motor and the evaporator to the condenser, coils, connections, and wiring. You may also want to check the blow and all the controls. Is your gas line in good condition? There may be leaks or damaged hoses or pipeline. You may want to check the condensation drain to make sure the moisture is flowing smoothly with no blockage. There are no wasted parts on a furnace, so if one piece goes bad it can affect the entire system.

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Plumber Camden and Gloucester County