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Plumber Camden and Gloucester County
Plumber Camden and Gloucester County

Plumber Camden and Gloucester County

Turnersville, New Jersey Air Conditioning Tune Up Time!

Posted in: Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Tune Up in Turnersville

Pretty soon the summer warmth will be hitting our area of the country, here in Turnersville! We can’t wait for warmer weather, and we’ll be welcoming it with open arms.

Planned this summer are plenty of outdoor activities that take our minds and hearts away from work and put them where they should be, on family and friends and on being home.

We love our homes, and we love welcoming the summer heat. Time outside with family this spring will be fun after being cooped up so many months in the cold. So it’s really hard to think about having any type of service done on the Turnersville air conditioning systems in our homes.

The problem is that once the temperature heats up enough to warrant the use of the A/C, it’s already past the time when the air conditioner should be tuned-up. In fact, this is the time when most units break down because they’ve been idle so many months.

Just like your vehicle, if it sits a long time and doesn’t get tuned up or maintained, you’re likely to have problems that cause the engine to break down when you first crank the engine.

Since your A/C consists of many moving mechanical parts, you can understand that they depend on each other to operate correctly. And by ensuring they function freely and effectively, you’re ensuring your system won’t be stressed and break down on you when you need it in hot weather.

So be prepared this summertime and make your unit work well all summer long by scheduling your Turnersville air conditioner tune up now. We’ll do a detailed check of all your parts and will make recommendations for repair where necessary. We’ll also ensure your refrigerant is at the correct level for optimum performance. Here are only some of the items we can check.

  • Test the Capacitors to ensure reliable operation and continued compressor and motor protection.
  • Test the Crankcase Heaters to ensure proper compressor protection.
  • Inspect & Test All Controls & Safeties to keep operating costs low and prevent failures.
  • Adjust the Fan Blower Switch to prevent wasted energy and excess sound levels from nuisance cycling.
  • Adjust Balancing Dampers to improve comfort.
  • Clean or Replace Filters to reduce energy use, reduce compressor strain, improve indoor air quality, and improve comfort.
  • Clean the Condensate Drains to prevent water damage and the potential for mold formation.
  • Apply a Protective Coating to outside unit to protect the finish and appearance.

Remember to call soon. We’ll have a lot of orders soon, so we’re trying to give our loyal customers who visit our website a head start. Also, be sure to ask us about any discounts or coupons we may have available at the time!

If you are looking for a plumber or HVAC contractor in the New Jersey area, please call Black Horse Pike Plumbing & Heating II Inc. at 800-571-LEAK (5325) or fill out our online request form.

Plumber Camden and Gloucester County